You are here because of your hunger.
Your hunger for Change. Healing. Freedom.

You want more. So much more. You hope that it is still possible for you. Whatever it is, you know it isn’t this:
Relationships that diminish you. Quiet you. Your voice muffled, muted by your own hand. You hide behind walls of your choice: perfectionism, isolation, avoidance… You numb your feelings and silence your needs and they leak out in all the
places they are not allowed to be.

You are vaguely aware of the unhealthy patterns in your relationship, yet unclear as to why you continue to do and get more of the same.  It is both easy and familiar to find fault in the other yet at times you wonder what part you do play and whether there could be a different end result. Perhaps you feel a sense of failure and ask “why are my efforts not producing the outcomes I want?”

And so the work begins.

The deep, delicious descent into the realm of the unconscious.
Understandable. Yet know the magic and the keys lie waiting here.
Glad to hear.
Curiosity will serve you as together we begin to explore and shine light on what has previously been dark and unknown.

What am I talking about?

You have largely been living on autopilot, redoubling your efforts to get what you want via tired, failed methods. It is time to uncover your true nature, the longings of your heart, the beliefs you hold dear that cause and perpetuate your own suffering, it is time to reconnect with the child within you, and also to the divine within you. Our work together is not solely so that you can experience more fulfilling relationships, albeit that will happen, it is to wake you up to yourself, the uninhibited, indisputable bona fide you and to remind you that this journey is a soul path and your pain, your suffering has meaning.

Your body holds infinite wisdom.
Your mind holds the power to create what it is you truly want.
Your spirit holds the magic and the mystery.

As the unconscious becomes conscious; what was hidden becomes revealed, we work to integrate your body, mind, and spirit in alignment with your values and newly found beliefs helping you make conscious decisions that allow, draw, and transform your relationships to mirror the harmony, ease, joy, respect, and love you are cultivating within you.

It is both an honor and a privilege to join you on your path, and to walk alongside you as you reclaim and return home to the unique, powerful and precious gift that you are.

With courage, humor, playfulness and kindness, together, lets begin.

Desire A Therapist For Relationship Troubles?

I am a Bozeman based therapist for relationship difficulties working with women to heal and transform their relationships and life.

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