Psychotherapy approaches are varied yet beneath every approach is a belief on how change and healing occur.
It is important that you resonate with my beliefs on the nature of healing as our work together will reflect those beliefs. Change can happen without healing but healing always brings change.

So how do I view healing?

It is awakening to our true selves, a journey towards wholeness, a conscious embrace of both our shadow and our light and a felt sense that we are worthy of love, uniquely gifted, our lives steeped in purpose and meaning.

What will it require of you?

Healing will require you to show up, to get curious, to take action, but more than that it will ask of you to surrender. Surrender to the whispers; the callings of your soul path. The path where pain is one of your greatest teachers, and pleasure is accessible to you without substance. A path full of serendipitous encounters reminding you of the magic and mystery interwoven when your body, mind, and spirit are in alignment.
A place of power versus force.

How does healing occur?

I believe healing is collaborative. As you are wounded in relationship, so are you healed in relationship. As your therapist, I offer a safe container to hold and explore your inner world, with emotional attunement, compassion, and genuine care comes the felt sense that you are truly seen and heard and so the repair begins. As neuroplasticity shows, your brain is able to “rewire” itself through connection. Tools and techniques are utilized yet the relationship itself is the true mechanism for healing.

How do I find a transpersonal therapist near me?

If you are looking for a transpersonal therapist near Bozeman, Montana you’ve found the right person. I’m available for in office sessions or remote sessions via Skype or telephone.

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