I work with women. Smart. Courageous. Passionate. Purpose-driven women.

Many don’t recognize themselves as such, but I do. Many of you walk in my door largely in the dark regarding your unique gifts, your innate wisdom, your mind-blowing capabilities and your unlimited power. Eek! Power?
Yes. Your power.

Your power to change. Your power to heal. Your power to influence. Your power to create and transform your relationships and your life.

Bullshit may have just snuck out of your mouth.

That’s ok, a healthy dose of skepticism is to be expected and actually welcomed. I forgot to say you also have a fair amount of spunk and sass. For some of you it might be buried but it’s there and I see that too.

I know you are struggling, hurting, frustrated, riddled with fears, insecurities, and doubts.

I want you to bring it all. Take if off your shoulders. Hand it over and pick up hope.  Your relationships can change. You can heal. You can thrive.

If you choose to work with me, I want you to know this:

You will be seen, heard, and “gotten”. I am keenly observant, intuitive, well read, with a sharp mind, and a tenacious desire to wake you up to your fullest potential with humor, kindness, insight, and tough love.

Wait. tough love?

Yes. I don’t sugarcoat. Which for many of you will come as a relief living in a world where people rarely say what they mean or mean what they say.

I have a masters degree in transpersonal counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a certificate in Positive Psychology from the Whole Being Institute, a certificate in Let Your Yoga Dance, trained in SandTray Therapy, trained in Somatic Experiencing, and certified Souluna Life Coach.

This gives me some credibility yes, yet what I believe gives me true credibility to work with you is that I have invested in my own healing and done the work myself. I have experienced the transformation that occurs by getting curious, taking massive action, and most significantly: through the conscious, loving care of other humans. In particular psychotherapist Rosvita Botkin and Payodhi Van Der Graaf.

I am also a voracious reader, my childlike and intellectual curiosity rate off the charts.
Translation for you?

I am always learning, always growing, and always applying newly found techniques and tools to
help you heal and thrive. I am deeply invested and wildly passionate, yes wildly, about empowering you to
step into a life you love, with relationships that support, nurture, and enliven you.

I was born to do this work. And as cheese filled as that may be, that’s my truth.

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