Do I need a Therapist or a Coach?

I was once in your shoes. Googling life coach, therapist, psychotherapist, (cross out) what is a psychotherapist, do I need a therapist or a coach; you name it, I googled it, trying to figure out what it was I actually needed. In hindsight I would of preferred a fairy godmother to come on down with her wand and poof the perfect life coach/therapist right before my eyes who would then lead me off into a magical garden where I would find my voice, my truth, true love, and a few croissants for good measure. Truth is choosing the right person can be a bit overwhelming.

You might have wondered: Do I need a therapist or coach?

So for starters, lets figure out if you need a therapist or a coach.

Life Coaching is all the rage right now, and for good reason, as a great coach is an invaluable resource to helping you get where you want to go. Let’s face it, all of us tend to do January 1st resolutions, quit by February repeat next year and nothing much changes. Lasting change requires massive action and massive action is often hindered by a combination of one’s beliefs, thoughts, and habits. A great coach will mobilize you in the direction you want to go, and keep you accountable. If you are ready to change it up, get down and dirty, and go after whatever it is you really want, coaching could be for you.

Looking forward is the name of the game, forward toward your goals and dreams and stepping into a life where your passion, purpose, and values all align.

So you might be thinking why bother with therapy, clearly coaching is my jam!

Yes perhaps, yet there are times we need a little or a whole lot of healing before we can get into massive action mode. When our pain and suffering become so acute we feel immobilized, we often need to process, let go, recover, and reclaim our true selves buried under the muck of our big or little traumas, to sort and sift what is ours and what is not. We need a depth of understanding of the path that has led us here, that is not afforded with coaching. We need a therapist. It is in these times that we can choose to enter the sanctuary of therapy. Here we can safely unveil ourselves, and explore what has shaped our beliefs, thoughts, and behavior. As whatever is unprocessed in the past, shows up in the present.

Therapy largely focuses on healing in order for thriving
to take place.
Coaching largely focuses on the myriad of components that
contribute to thriving.

Both will cultivate growth, clarity, and positive change.
Both require honesty, curiosity, vulnerability, and trust.

Whether you choose therapy or coaching or you get lucky and get a visit from your fairy godmother, you really cannot go wrong when you choose to invest in the one person who is there for the long haul: you.